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Boomtown Fair, the perfect place for a Hoo Ha

Eco Festivals.

 Well, where else would you ware a Furry Hoo Ha?

Boomtown Fair.
The first We shall post with great excitement is BOOMTOWN FAIR!!
"Boomtown provides a kiddies area with its own area for babies and toddlers and children up to the age of 12, with plenty of activities for the kids to do like workshops and games, and also a chill out area for the parents. There is also a specially designated family camping area with showers, washing facilities and toilets along with plenty of catering options and all the normal facilities you’d expect at a festival.   These is also a massive emphasis on eco-friendly initiatives and promotion of sustainable and ‘green’ living in the Hold it down town arena (including a solar powered stage, permaculture workshops etc).
Along with on-site recycling, the festival is also participating in the Liftshare scheme, which is a social enterprise that helps individuals to travel more sustainably by sharing their journey.   Their online network matches people with similar journeys so they can travel better together – saving money, cutting their carbon footprint, having fun whilst making the world a better place."
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Maker Festival now Rame Dance.
 The next also posted with great excitement ( Hoo Ha have turned their skills to the musical side of things and will be performing with a band called "Them Lentils") is RAME DANCE 2!! Formally known as Maker Sunshine Festival, this is the perfect eco friendly family event. Down sized to a very lovely 1000 people from a previous 3000. The line up is amazing and the recycling and compost toilet facilities mean that its a festival with a conscience. The clean up operation after the festival is always top notch and Hoo Ha make a point of going every year!

THE GREEN GATHERING!! It's all in the name! Powered by renewable energy and full of ethical, organic and fair trade goods. It's the four day family event not to be missed. An event for 5000 people on breath taking grounds, it is going to be amazing!

The Green Gathering.
This next one is sooo impressive! It has won awards for how green it is and Hoo Ha are seriously considering trying this one on for size! Check out the site and watch the video at the bottom of the page to get you in the festy mood!

Croissant Neuf festival.

The next award winning festival is SHAMBALA FESTIVAL!!
"Shambala recycle almost all waste, have invested in compost loos, use solar, wind & biodiesel, and carefully select traders and suppliers.
Anyone who buy tickets must sign up to a declaration to get involved, reduce rubbish, look after each other, buy local and help reduce their carbon footprint.
Each attendee will be handed two bags to separate their recyclables from their non-recyclables. Shambala staff will also provide information on recycling and waste management tips.
Vendors must use only biodegradable packaging made from corn starch, which will then be composted at local plants. Battery collections will also be available and this year everything Shambala makes, such as décor, sculptures and furniture will be kept and stored for the following year.
Network Recycling UK will be helping Shambala to maintain their ‘Most Sustainable’ status.
Shambala have been encouraging folk to cycle to the event for many years, this year Shambala is offering a free ticket to anyone who leads a ride of 10 people or more to the event. They have a support pack for anyone who is interested.

Shambala will be using biodiesel, wind & solar for 98% of site power in 2011!"
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Amazing art at Shambala Festival.

Yet another wonderfully green festival is THE BIG TENT FESTIVAL!!
Unfortunatelly it is taking a year off, however it will return in 2012 with an even greener outlook!!
Check out the site and get excited about 2012!

Woodland orchestra at the Big Tent festival.
 Hoo Ha hopes this has given you a few ideas! Get on your "Furry Hoo Ha" and head to a festival this year!!

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