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Boomtown Fair, the perfect place for a Hoo Ha

Furry Hoo Ha

This page is here to show you how we came to create the furry Hoo Ha.

Hoo Ha was given a brief that was loosely based around the book "Days of the comet" by H.G.Wells. The brief was one also used by the "British Art show" .
 It lead Hoo Ha to look at words within the brief, such as "A great change in all mankind", "Comet", "Green gas" and "Harbingers of change". Looking at the brief and the words within, we decided to look at space. To try and recreate images from the Hubble telescope using surface textile and combine it with ethical fashion, deconstruction, upcycling and recycling.

Here are some initial design development ideas taken from this mood board, composed at the beginning stage of the brief.

When looking at deconstruction in fashion we came across the absolutely amazing Maison Martin Margiela. We did these design developments as a result.

Designes include Deconstruct leggins, Two pencil skirts layered to become a dress, A top and pants made from pencils, dress made from old pairs of glasses and a top made from belts and old waist bands.
As we loved the felt making so much and the play suit design was definitely our favourite, we developed it from this image...

To look like this...

The final design for the Furry Hoo Ha.
 We hope that you like it as much as we do! Luxurious and fun, our Furry Hoo Ha!