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Boomtown Fair, the perfect place for a Hoo Ha

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The Furry Hoo Ha in all its glory!!

It has come to our attention that felt is pretty damn awesome. Easy to make and ethically sound, felt is all you need to make a style statement. As it is obviously the summer of the play suit, we have decided that a felted play suit is the way to go. Inspired by those gloriously warm summer night skies, Hoo Ha have designed the ultimate play suit for the girl who likes to stay out late. Figure hugging and fun, our furry Hoo Ha!

and here it is...

Actually, this is just a photo that went a bit wrong but we love it and it is also a better representation of the colours than in the following images. Hoo Ha needs a better camera!!

This is the finished garment.

We love, love, love the rough and ready look to this piece. It is unlike anything we have seen before and is totally unique. With only one Furry Hoo Ha made in the world, its a real treat for a girl who want's to stand out!
Made with hand made felt that is smooth and luxurious to the touch, combined with a tactile Organic Hessian to give it that little bit of "Edge". The "Furry Hoo Ha" promises to keep your conscience clear and your body adorned in heavenly texture and colour.
After the Fashion show at Plymouth college of Art and Design We will post images of the "Furry Hoo Ha" on the run way along side the up and coming talent of the south west's fashion students.
If you are going to be in Plymouth on the 23rd and 24th of June and want to see the Furry Hoo Ha in action, then you can purchase tickets to the event from Plymouth college of Art and Design Shop. Tickets cost approximately £4.50. Bargain!!

Hope you like it, any questions then please don't hesitate to contact Hoo Ha at


  1. Hey hun, really love this. The language is really friendly and interactive, and the page settings really fun and keeps you interested. Bravo.

    Hen xx

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  3. Loving the blog, loads of info and very fun ;) i can really imagine my self at a festival when looking at ur page ;)) lovely honey ;)