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Boomtown Fair, the perfect place for a Hoo Ha

Friday, 10 June 2011

Today we have been making a Hoo Ha about... Super 8 camera's!!

This is a little video that we have made. Experimenting with stop frame animation using a Braun nizo super 8 camera. Straight out of the sev's, how cool?!

Untitled from Amelia Beaver on Vimeo.

The ducks at the end of the film are seen with an Egyptian Goose that has lived in our village for three years. Unfortunately the poor little thing got lost on the way home and has never had any friends :(
Then what luck, 30 seconds remaining on the film stock (Approximately) and the goose had friends!! Had to film it, just had to. It's our favourite bit :)


  1. hahaa ive never seen a goose with red feet- i dont think.
    u should have your model wear red boots..
    x Helen

  2. That's such a good idea! Thanks helen!!